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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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gabay was shot in the head. >> kimberly richardson is at kings county hospital with new details in this case. kimberly. >> reporter: just moment s ago mayor de blasio arrived at the hospital. earlier today a clearly upset governor cuomo came here to see carey and his family. his wife is pregnant with his first child, his brother and sister are upstairs by his side during this extremely difficult time. carey was with his brother when the 43-year-old was struck in the head with a stray bullet. the men where are walking along bedford avenue around 3:30. authorities maintain the brothers got caught in the middle of a shoot out between two suspected gangs. carey heard the gunfire and tried to get out of the way and ducked behind some cars but it was too late. he was hit in the
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top of the head with a stray bullet. he is governor cuomo's first deputy council, a man he calls a sweet man, a gentleman dedicated to his job. an ivy league grad caught in the gunfire. >> harvard educated lawyer, could have gone to any law firm in this city and made quadruple what he was getting paid by the state. he was all heart. he wanted to give back to this community. >> it's very early on. we have recovered a fire arm. based on ballistics evidence recovered it appears there's two groups of people shooting back and forth. at this time we'd like to ask for the community's help. we target. >> reporter: this investigation continues. he's an accomplished attorney working on many big bill. again, at this hour his
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family is upstairs by his side. much more on this story coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. for now live outside kings county, eyewitness news. >> thank you. to the weather and the unofficial end of summer may be ending with a heat wave. that's good news for a lot of folks at the beach today. much of the jersey shore packed with people looking to soak up the final days of the season. this is the scene in belmar today. gorgeous out there. the heat wasn't able to keep people away from the labor day parade in south plain field. this is the 58th year that town has marked the holiday with a parade. meteorologist jeff smith is in for lee goldberg this afternoon. he's outside of jeff, summer is going out where a bang. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, 90 degrees never felt so good. low humidity out there. we're going to be string ing a few 90 degree days together and that's going to equal a heat along. check out the highs that
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we've had so far today. up to newark. even right now much. down to about 90 in the park, still sitting at a steamy you are getting a little bit of relief by the shore. at jfk airport only 83 thanks to that wind coming in off the cooler waters same deal on the island, temperatures in the low 80s. upper 70s at montage. 91 still though at tom 's river. dew points have been in the invigorating to pleasant categories all weekend are now starting to creep up towards that 60 degree mark that's considered strike -- considered sticky. it will feel oppressive by late tomorrow. winds southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour at the beach. just be careful out there. we have a moderate risk of rip currents on the long island beaches and at the jersey shore.
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water temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees. we're talking tomorrow. we'll have that in your full accuweather forecast david and liz back >> thank you. if you're try ing to stay cool new york city officials are trying the city announced they will extend the swimming season at some of the most popular local beaches. that means lifeguards will stay in place through sunday, september 13th. sandra bookman is live in coney island, a very popular spot on this labor day. >> reporter: very popular. to say that coney ie -- island and the board walk was packed today would be an understatement. the board walk, the beach look exactly how you would expect they would look on this labor day holiday, wall to wall people all enjoying the last days of summer. as you can imagine, not one person had any objections when we told them the city is extending the swimming season at
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the most popular beaches. >> that sounds great . very happy about it. >> you're going to take advantage of that? >> absolutely. >> i love it . as long as it's warm i want to be in the sun. i'm all for extending it for as long as it's warm. >> reporter: for the beaches that will have those extended swimming hour, coney island and brighton beach, rockaway beach, staten island and south beaches and orchard beach in the bronx. lifeguards and other maintenance staff will be on duty at those beaches. the hours 10:00 to 6:00. you can go to our website and get a list of the beaches. this may be the unofficial end of summer but it's not over until it's over. we're live at coney island, i'm sandra news. >> amane to that. besides the beach another
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labor day tradition the annual west indian day parade for brooklyn. it drew more than a million people to the parade route from eastern parkway in crown heights to grand army plaza in prospect park. there dancer. >> we have a great time. the food is delicious. people are we just came here to party with peace. >> lots of people having a good time today. mayor de blasio and his wife with drew cheer from the crowd. this is the 48th year the always colorful paid marched through brooklyn. a live report at 5:00. breaking news. there's been a stabbing just blocks from that parade. it happened a short time ago at lincoln place and
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rochester avenue. we're told a 33-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach. he was rushed to a hospital in serious by stable condition. no word on any arrests. we will let you know any new information as soon as we get it in. also in brooklyn police made an arrest in a hit and run that killed a disabled week. police say the driver of a minivan that was caught on camera near the accident scene turned himself in this morning after seeing his vehicle on television. 50-year-old marco ortiz is charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident. 59-year-old marlene zotti was stuck and killed early yesterday morning while crossing the street with a walker in sunset park. new information in an accident that seriously injured a pedestrian in new rochelle. a 20-year-old autistic man was struck by a vehicle on cooper drive just after 10:30 this morning. police say he was with his family at the time of the accident. he is in critical condition. police say the driver remained at the scene and is being questioned.
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a war of words between mayor de blasio and former mayor giuliani over the growing homeless problem. de blasio called giuliani delusional for blaming it on him. >> i think he's delusional. if you think about mayor giuliani did home lessness went up 40% on his watch. he clearly doesn't remember the fact that he chased as he said he chased and chased people but also deprived families of benefits they needed and help they needed. >> de blasio went onto say the giuliani administration is trying to portray his time in office as some wonderland. de blasio said that just didn't happen that way. right now governor cuomo is on his way to puerto rico to discuss the financial crisis there and show his support. the
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governor brought local leaders from the latino community and -- community leaders. he hopes it will push the united states to help the territory. >> puerto ricans have to come to the united states to get the healthcare they needed. taxes are being raised. >> we have to understand the depth of the problem and design strategies that we can be helpful and then we'll follow up. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres is traveling to puerto rico to governor the governor's business. you can see his reports on eyewitness news at 5:00 and follow his reports on twitter @joetorresabc7. president obama was in boston today talking about sick leave. at a union rally he announced he signed a executive order requiring sick leave for employees that are federal contractors. he hopes it will serve as an example for lawmakers.
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>> i'm calling on congress, take a cue from the rest of the world and find a way to make paid leave a reality for all americans >> the white house said the cost will be made up with lower worker attrition and better loyalty. thousands of migrants from the middle east again today streaming into european nations that are struggling to keep up with the influx. refugees are arriving in austria and germany france announced it would take 24,000 refugees and the uk promised to resettle 20,000 refugees. >> britain should fully its moral responsibility.
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>> pope francis said for people to lead by example. they will take in migrant families. still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, cars up in flames on a street on long island. find out why investigators think this may not be an accident. >> plus, a man caught in the jaws of a shark survives to tell his story.
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it's 4:13. a check of the roads on this labor day. this is a check at the garden state parkway. look how clear this is.
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as for the hudson river tunnels, same story, smooth sailing right now. just a 5 minute delay at the inbound george washington bridge. a new poll suggests that hilary clinton may be losing her lead. this as republicans continue to battle the loudest voice from their pool of hopefuls, donald trump. kenneth moton has the details. >> hilary clinton laboring for votes in iowa. new poll numbers have her percentage dropping in that state and in new hampshire. >> i think the secretary's people are getting nervous about the kind of energy and enthusiasm of our campaign. >> vice president joe biden is at 16% in new hampshire, 20% in iowa. he was getting that familiar question from the crowd, are you going to run? >> i'm going to run part of this parade.
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>> in a speech to the united steal workers the vp said the media will compare his prolabor union remarks to something bernie sanders would say. >> popular bias got up and said today or competing with bernie sanders, you're doing a hell of a job. >> gop candidates were also busy monday. over the weekend several were in new hampshire where donald trump has a 16 point lead. trump who is 7 points ahead in iowa spent the holiday off the campaign trail. >> for the first time that new nbc poll has trump beating clinton by 5 points in iowa. >> if you can't beat him, invite he. he accepted a request from ted cruz to speak wednesday.
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new developments involving the jailed kentucky clerk who failed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her attorney filed a motion to get her out of jail. it does not include reasons why she should be released. in the past she said she believes gay marriage is a sin. pope francis is getting ready to reveal a new marriage alumment process for catholics. saint patrick's cathedral announced its 3-year restoration project will be done in time for the pontiff's arrival. much of the renovations are completed. as much as the scaffolding has come down. today is the last day to enter a lottery to receive tickets to the pope's procession through central park anyone from new york state is eligible. winners will be randomly selected and notified on thursday. to know how to sign up go to
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a man is recovering from a nasty bite after getting too close to a hammerhead shark off the coast of malibu. he was fishing in a kayak. dylan marked was fishing on the water and hooked a 10 foot long hammerhead. >> when i swung around it got scared and trashed around and i was in the way. >> he doesn't blame the shark. he gets it. the shark sunk its teeth into mark's foot. he managed pedal to a good samaritan helped him ashore. the one group sharks will not usually attack, dolphins. a pod of them spotted this afternoon in the waters off of belmar, new jersey. how cool are they? >> beautiful. >> i love this . they must have liked the temperatures. meteorologist jeff smith told us the water off the jersey shore was around 75 degrees today. right, jeff? >> that's right. if you want to see
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may. you cannot go a minute without sees pods of dolphins like that in the atlantic ocean, mainly because the water is warmer down there. we've had. what a beautiful unofficial exit to the summer season. sure doesn't feel like an exit as we head into a heat wave this week with three starting today. let's look over we've been showing pictures of asberry park at the jersey shore. temperature right now 90. that wind coming in if the south at 7. late tomorrow it will start to feel oppressive. normal high for september the 7th is only 78 degrees. that just goes to show you how far above normal we have been. about 15 degrees above normal in many cases. 101 the record back in 1981. the heat wave will last through wednesday. i think tomorrow is
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the peak of the heat with record-tieing or record-breaking heat. humidity increasing through the week. wednesday into thursday it will reach a high note. temperatures go down after that but humidity will make up for it. a poe -- a potent front on thursday would bring heavy rainfall. we need the rain as we have a drought. 84 in newburgh. if you head down to the shore you're a little bit cooler. you get relief down there in places like islip and montage, only the upper 70s and low 80s. at the jersey shore it's not an ocean breeze, it's a land breeze so you're still at the 90 degree mark. we have a return flow coming in from the south and west and that will pump up the heat and humidity. that front that's out in chicago will work its way to the east.
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lit coincide with a muggy air mass on thursday. lows tonight down to 73 in the park. look at tomorrow. what a scorcher it's going to be out there. 94 for a high in morris town, 93 in the city. even if you head down to the shore you will not get much relief, 91 in belmar and tom's river where you have that south and south western wind. tomorrow's 93 would tie a regard that was last set back in 1919 for that date. that's a long standing record. hot and humid on wednesday, 91. there's just an outside chance wednesday of getting a shower or thunderstorm well north and west of new york city. accuweather forecast for tonight, clear and warm, down to the suburbs. tomorrow record heat, sun, a few clouds out becoming rather humidity. it won't be
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completely stifling but it's going to become muggier. the high up to 93. tomorrow night we're mainly clear, warm and sticky, down to 75. of course don't forget you can search abc7ny for the accuweather alert app. you'll need that app to check out the radars later on because we could be talking ability flooding downpours on -- talking about flooding downpours. we'll have that accuweather 7 day forecast coming up in the next hour. >> in parts of new jersey they are desperate for water. >> they need it. if we have to suffer through minor flooding we'll take it. >> a lot of brown grass out there. >> absolutely. >> thank you. the dentist who killed cecil the lion is speaking out. find out what he said about the backlash and what he plans to do tomorrow. >> we hear from jets injured quarterback geno smith. will he
4:22 pm
file charges against the former teammate who broke his jaw?
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for the first time since his jaw was broken in a locker room fight jets quarterback geno smith practiced with the team wearing a helmet. smith participated in team drills. last month a linebacker punched
4:25 pm
smith during a fight over unpaid debt. smith said he would not press charges in this fight. >> i don't want to talk much about the incident. i put it behind me. we're focusing on the cleveland browns as a team. we have a big game ahead of us. that's all that really matters at this point. >> immediately after that fight the jets announced it would be at least 6 to 10 weeks that smith would be out. from football to baseball now, new developments in the saga surrounding mets pitcher matt harvey. the general manager discussed the plans for the ace pitcher. he's coming off a serious injury and doctors said he should not pitch more than 180 innings this season. with the mets closing in on a possible playoff spot the question is, will harvey sit out some of the regular season so he can pitch in the playoffs. >> he's going to pitch tomorrow. we have talked about him pitching the last game or one of the last games of this season against washington if
4:26 pm
that game is meaningful. >> good news for mets fans, right now they lead the washington nationals by three runs late in the game. archaeologists believe a new discovery could be the largest site discovered in england. nearly 100 stones that are 4,500 years old were discovered buried a few miles from stone henge. scientists have dubbed the stones super henge because the site is five times larger. none of the stones have been uncovered or removed yet. what a finding. they're excited about that. still to come, a fiery scene rattled a neighborhood in long island. dramatic video of cars up in flames. what a neighbor spotted just before that fire erupted. >> a teenager's good deed goes viral. what he did after seeing a deputy filling up at a gas
4:27 pm
station in
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it's 4:30 and all new, a car fire mystery. police are trying to figure out why someone would target unsuspecting families. >> a day at the pool turns terrifying. a little boy sucked into a filter and stuck there for close to an hour. >> an act of kindness from a teenager to a police officer. >> he asked me if he could make sure i was safe. >> we'll tell you what this young helper has to say about the move that has everyone talking. we begin right now where that fire investigation in nassau county. eyewitness news obtained videos of the cars as they burned over night. >> two vehicles were targeted. the big question now is why. long island reporter chris than -- kristen thorn is live with the latest.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: the perez family said they were targeted but they don't know why. a neighbor told me she saw someone pouring gasoline over these cars early this morning. we obtained cell phone video which shows these cars on fire. this is morgan street in hicksville around 2:00 this morning. a local fire department did have to respond to come and put those flames out. neighbors tell me they saw a suspicious car hanging around the neighborhood, particularly around this house, the day before this happened. the family tells me they think they why. the father is a landscaper, the mother a stay at home mother of three children. >> it's very upsetting because i have three little ones who i use my car for them. now we don't have nothing. >> reporter: these are the only owns. they have car insurance
4:32 pm
but only liability insurance so it will not cover this damage. she said she's trying to figure out how her father or her husband excuse me is going to get to work every day. live in hicksville, kristen thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristen. a family's desperate search for a missing teenager in brooklyn is now in its 10th day. ryan matthews has not been seen since august 28th. his family said the 16-year-old left his east new york home for a run that afternoon and never came back. volunteers have put up fliers throughout the neighborhood. he moved here last year. we're learning new details about the reason amanda knox's murder conviction was over turned earlier this year. today the top court in italy issued a report saying the prosecution presented a flawed case. it added there was an absolute lack of biological evidence linking knox to victim meredith
4:33 pm
kercher's room or body. the high court said the international spotlight may have influenced the investigation. for the first time we're hearing from the man who killed cecil the lion. the minnesota dentist whose african hurt sparked an international out rage said the backlash has gone too far. >> dr. palmer has been staying quiet since becoming the target of threats and his office was shut down by protesters now says it's time to get back to work. >> breaking his silence and insisting he was not in hiding, dr. walter palmer said he's been with his family and friends for the past 2 months keeping a low profile for their safety after someone vandalized his florida vacation home and his family received death threats. >> in an interview with the minneapolis star tribune and the associated press palmer said this has been especially my wife and daughter, adding, i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all.
4:34 pm
>> he talked about it with some level of anger that people close to him had been vilified. >> in his first interview he told media out lets despite reports that cecil was shot and killed he said he used a bow and arrow and maintains he believed the lion hunt was legal. >> he's a very intense he had this locked in look the whole time. he didn't want to get into the core detail of how this lion was killed. >> extradite, extradite. >> an african guide and farmer who assisted palmer in the hunt have been criminally charged. palmer has been out of work since protesters shut down his minnesota dental practice since back in july. he said i'm a health professional, i need to get back to my staff and my patients, they want me back.
4:35 pm
>> he said his plan is to get back to work tomorrow morning stressing he's yet to be charged with a crime and again maintaining he had no idea the animal. i'm elizabeth hurr for channel 7, eyewitness news. police in las vegas arrested a gunman who ambushed two officers in their squad car. he opened fire on the officers with a semiautomatic handgun while they were stopped ped at a red light yesterday. one officer was shot in the hand, the other officer chased after him and caught him. las vegas just starting putting two officers in squad cars after an attack on friday. law enforcement from around the country gathered in illinois today to attend the funeral of a police slain on the job. services were lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz were held in his hometown of antioch. the 52-year-old was gunned down after he radioed he was chasing
4:36 pm
three suspects on foot. a massive search continues for those suspects. a teenager in texas felt he need today -- needed to back up a deputy when he saw her of pumping gas. he saw heifer filling up at a gas station. he walked up to her and asked if she minded if he stood behind her because of the ambush. >> someone needs to show them there are people who care. >> look at that. deputy kelly snapped a sell fie with him and that has gone viral. in a random act of kindness by a driver in mississippi it go t him out -- got him out of a traffic ticket. he asked how his say was going. he said his job is tough because of all the police officers killed. he gave him a bracelet. he donated the
4:37 pm
money he would have spent on a ticket to the organization that helped orphans. how did a toddler end up trapped in a swimming pool? what every parent needs to know. >> ready to say good-bye to showers? could a spray request help you get squeaky clean? >> i like my shower and the beach. this is a live look outside at the jersey shore. still so many people out there on gorgeous this gorgeous labor day. jeff smith will the far -- will have the
4:38 pm
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some troubles news about the rise of e cigarettes and the way teenagers are use inging vap technology. they are using it to vaporize marijuana. the rate of students using e cigarettes for marijuana was 27 times the rate among adults.
4:41 pm
imagine not showering ever. one man claims you can stay clean with a spray. a chemical engineer from mit created a product line called mother dirt. the claim is the spray restores natural bacteria which improves skin. the creator replaced bathing by using the spray. he tested it out himself. he said he has not showered in 12 years. >> we did clinical trials on people taking showers every day. what's the basis for assuming that that's a healthy practice? >> well, for people who agree with what the company is doing but still want to bathe the traditional way, shampoos and cleansers are also available. i don't know if it holds up to the smell test. >> i didn't realize we were trying to eliminate bathing. i thought it was okay. one therapist in new york said facebook can hurt your relationship with your significant other.
4:42 pm
couples who unfriend each other on the social network are more likely to stay together. facebook makes it easier to avoid face-to-face conversations. with labor day drawing to a close that means many people are setting their fights on fall. for some that means the return of the pumpkin spice latte. the drink officially returns tomorrow. starbucks said there's a new recipe this year. they took out the artificial flavors and are adding real pumpkin. celebrate if you like it. >> from not bathing to when you can get your latte, all the news you can use. labor day shopping secrets. the item with the deepest discounts. >> new details about the potential punishment for two high school football players caught on camera taking down a referee. >> is harry styles an officer for the grammar police? a big one direction fan will never
4:43 pm
forget this. it's coming up in the trend. >> let's take a look at central park on this beautiful labor day. just let it linger. when winter comes along you're going to say what was it like. we'll have the forecast coming up next. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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at the new jersey port authority. the changes will improve the flow of buses through the facility during the afternoon and evening rush. two high school football players in texas are facing possible charges after they were caught on tape hitting an game. the defensive back running straight at the ref and hits him from behind. when he falls to the ground another player dives into him head first. they may have targeted the ref because they were not happy with an earlier call. the referee has not decided whether or not he'll press charges. you head to the zoo with you family on a beautiful labor day weekend and then you find out there's a cheetah that's escaped and is on the loose. are you kidding me? it happened in indianapolis yesterday. the exhibit is now closed as zoo officials figure out how the big cat got out. guests were rushing to buildings after the break out. no one was hurt. staffer found the key that
4:47 pm
-- the cheetah resting outside his exhibit. he didn't go any further. he said i made a move and am staying here. he was tranquilized and returned to his habitat. >> can you imagine being in the zoo and you hear please enter the closest safest place you can find, there's a cheetah on the loose. >> please enter the snake tank. >> this is like the theme for jurassic park. >> it didn't end well in that movie either. it's just glorious outside. right now. the humidity is going to be coming up. it gets oppressive by late tomorrow. this is an interesting little tidbit. this is the longest consecutive number of days that we've ever had in new york city the last time we were below 80 for a high was back on july the 9th. >> wow. >> even though the summer has not been that -- we haven't had extreme heat like temperatures up near 100 degrees. sustained warmth. >> we'll take it. >> the water temperatures are warm. >> it's just so nice on one end. >> we need some rain. we will get some rain
4:48 pm
fall later on in the week. i'm excited about that. thursday models are putting out maybe an inch of rain. that could cause some flooding but that's great news for people suffering from the drought. 90 degrees in the city, winds coming from the south at 7 miles per hour. it's a september heat wave. today, tomorrow and wednesday there's your three consecutive days of 90 plus. 10 to 15 degrees above normal. normal highs are in the upper 70s to around 80. i say upper 80s, that will be at the beach. in the 90s for the rest of the region. heat index values up to 100 degrees at times especially by late tomorrow. the hudson valley would be in the mid 90s and combine that with increasing humidity and that could feel like 100. highs today got up to 94 in the newark.
4:49 pm
a little bit cooler but not much relief down the jersey shore. where you do have relief in long island where temperatures are in the low 80s there. it's nice in places like only that's courtesy of that wind coming off 93 morris town, a little bit of a sea breeze developed on the jersey shore getting temperatures down to 88 at tom's river and 84 in belmar. dew points have now shifted up into the sticky category. big ridge of high pressure in control right now. eventually this front will slam into a sticky air mass by thursday around here. that will instigate big showers and thunderstorms to develop. a quick look at the tropics right now. we have tropical storm grace at 45 miles per hour. it's expected to weaken as it head towards the leeward islands. never the less, it's expected to actually weaken to a depression by that point. if
4:50 pm
you're headed out to the beaches either this evening or late this afternoon or tomorrow waves 2 to 3 feet. water temperature 70 to 75 degrees. 75 at the new york city beaches and down the jersey shore, closer to 70 on the east end of long island. weather wellness for tomorrow, uv index is a 7 which is high in pollen, moderate to high ragweed and grasses willing the main culprits. accuweather forecast for tonight, clear and warm, down to 73 in midtown, by 60s in most of the suburbs. tomorrow record heat. 93 was the record set back in 1919. we're going for that tomorrow. rather humid getting up to 93 in the city. mostly clear, warm and sticky tomorrow night, down to 71. on wednesday 91. wednesday in the distant northern and western suburbs in the afternoon there could be a shower or thunderstorm. there's a better
4:51 pm
shot on thursday. 83 and very humid becoming less humid on friday. maybe still a shower or thunderstorm around. clearing out in full force i think by saturday. so a heat wave and then much needed rainfall this week. >> we'll be tweaking that. >> we will. well, here's what's trending on this labor day monday. deal, deal, deals, deals, deals are buzzing all over social media. not every store has a good one. patio furniture and accessories and aboveground pools you will find discounts of up to 75% off. when it comes to car it's like black friday with dealerships offering great deals to clear out inventory to make room for the next model year. who knew harry styles from one direction is a stickler for grammar? at a concert he spotted
4:52 pm
a fan holding a fine saying harry your nice but used the wrong contraction because it was supposed to be you're. she couldn't have been happier with the lesson in grammar because he signed it at the end. that was cool. steven tyler may be the front man for aerosmith but he was just another street performer in russia. >> [singing] >> i'll miss you baby and i don't want to miss a thing >> yeah, that's steven tyler. he spots this guy play ing the guitar on the street in moscow, with him. he was in town to celebrate moscow's birthday. that's why he was there and he made a good thing out of it. a dog playing metalica may just compete with that. >> [ music ]
4:53 pm
>> yes, liz? i think you like the dog but the tongue at the beginning there, what about that? >> i was about to say, what's up with the dog's tongue? that real? >> that's a standard drummer move. >> poor dog. >> poor dog? that's your take away from this. the dog is clearly a drummer. someone is really bored. >> right. >> and the dog just happened to be walking by and it was like come here, get over here dog. >> you know how to ruin a clip. check out the trend on line at you're such a debunker over there. >> just making it up in my own mind. well, a polar bear had to be saved in alaska over the weekend. the bear became tangled in a fishing net on a small island in alaska. scientists hit the polar bear where a tranquilizer from a
4:54 pm
helicopter and then residents helped keep the bear from drowning as the sedative took effect. once the bear was untangled after waking up he headed back into the wild. >> wow. dramatic images of the race to save a toddler stuck in a swimming pool. the dangers parents may over look sometimes. >> here's a quick look on the delays at the hudson river crossings. on the george washington a 20 minute delay. things hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you!
4:55 pm
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because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself. when you sign up for bp driver rewards. some terrifying moments for a family in california when their little boy was out for a
4:57 pm
swim and got stuck in the pool filter. >> it took firefighters 45 frightening minutes to get him out. matt gutman has the details. >> a family's holiday weekend in their backyard turned into a terrifying emergency. california firefighters trying to pull a 3-year-old boy from a pool's inground filtering system on saturday. rescuers were shocked by what he saw. >> up to his waist in a pool skimmer. >> they are used to suck debris like leaves from the water collecting them in a basket. after someone falling into this pool side swimming system the toddler got wedged. his family used this body of dish soap trying to wiggle him out by nothing worked. >> the crews took an electric grill chipping away at the concrete. >> for 45 minutes they chipped away, finally frees ly -- freeing the
4:58 pm
little boy. >> from 2009 to 2013 23 people were trapped. >> he was elated when he got out. his parents were grateful. city more news a still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. beaches packed for the holiday weekend and that's good news for the people who didn't want it to end. will the weather agree them staying open? >> new york governor cuomo's first council hospitalized after he was shot. eyewitness news is talking with a close friend of carey gabay who was with him.
4:59 pm
good evening. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. first the labor day holiday weekend and so many people trying to do whatever they can to stretch the summer and keep the weekend from ending. >> lots of people hitting the beach today. this is a live look from our camera on the jersey shore. some people out there but not as many as earlier to be sure. the holiday to honor the american worker included a parade in south plainsville. this is the 58th year it's been held. >> we have two reports tonight but we're going to begin with meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg. you say it's about to get warmer. today is the first day of a heat wave. 90 degrees never felt so good today. we had low dew points and low humidity and a little bit of a breeze. things are about to change. it's going to get hotter as we approach record levels by


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